Anabolic Steroids for Sale for Female BodyBuilding- Everything you need to know about the Female Body Building Regimen.

Anabolic Steroids for Sale for Female BodyBuilding- Everything you need to know about the Female Body Building Regimen.


Roidshop delivers the truth about female bodybuilding that you should know.


Let me tell you frankly and avoid some dilly-dally about female bodybuilding. Mind you, female bodybuilding differs hugely from male bodybuilding.


So if you are a woman who wants to try bodybuilding or someone who just wanted to know about it- You need to do some serious research. Research for facts, tips, tricks, and workout plans for femme fatale bodybuilding designed for women.


You will probably wonder why. Well, the reason is the different structure of men and women. What seems effective for men, may not be applicable for women. Fortunately, something is right for us.


This article gives a guide to us women to the right female bodybuilding. This article gives a detailed discussion about the trends and proper ways on how to gain that desired lean muscle mass.


And there is more! This article provides a list of a proven and tested workout regimen designed for females. Let us dig more as we go on.


BodyBuilding Brief History of Female.


When we talk about the History of Bodybuilding in females, we imagine them on stage showcasing their bodies. However, that’s not how it started.


Before we discuss the tips and tricks that you probably wanted to hear, let us check the facts first. Let us take a trip down the history of bodybuilding in females.


Weirdos to a perfect body.


During the ancient Greek and Egyptian era, weight lifting became popular at that time, but it is not the same weightlifting as we imagined.


Being a macho-man during those days does not appeal to the people of higher social class. Weightlifting and muscle gain development is not for personal reasons like becoming popular.


Weightlifting during those times was for public entertainment. Macho men were not admired for their physique but they were viewed as freaks worthy for circus entertainment.


Fortunately, these eccentric views about bodybuilders changed through time. The idea of weightlifting became admirable for people that increasing muscle mass became a fad.


In the year 1901, these admiration formed towards bodybuilding made its way to become an official competition. From circus presentation to actual stage performance with prestige. It was called “The Great Show”, the first bodybuilding competition recorded in history. Then it became part of the official sports.competition.

Gender changes.


For so long, this kind of competition was for men only, and female bodybuilding is not popular for them. Not unless there were strong acts for women during the circus show as mentioned in this article above.


It was until in 1979, women partly became part of bodybuilding competition but for just an extra show. They were not in the limelight during that time. Furthermore, women appear in these competitions not mainly for bodybuilding but for some beauty or bikini contests.


Yet, in the 20th century, female bodybuilders increased and in 1980, a breakthrough happened. The people behind Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance weekend paved the way for women to go on stage.


The first years of these competitions made popular the females who were the first known for this competition. It made these females legendary icons for bodybuilding like the 1st Ms. Olympia Rachel Mclish and followed by Stacey Bently and many more. This femme fatale made the crowd admired them more during their performance s.


Because of them, female bodybuilding remains until these new times. 


But the question is, how did these females do it? How to gain muscle mass when female’s testosterone levels are not enough? Those are the things or questions that this article aimed to dwell on. And a bonus, this article gives tips and tricks for the proper workout to follow for females to achieve such muscle packs.


But again, before that, let us dwell on the positive and negative sides of female bodybuilding’s sport evolution.


Positive and negative of female bodybuilding.


Bearing a woman’s physique in this kind of situation where men dominate is quite tough. While in this sport, it is even tougher. 


Making yourself noticed in the men’s world is hard. What is even harder is that one will be labeled as not so feminine and receive bias or prejudice.


Time has passed, female athletes faced a tough road to reach the current status of females in sports and bodybuilding. The following are some samples.


Movie: Pumping Iron II: The women


One of the breakthroughs of female bodybuilding in public is through Pumping Iron II: The women movie. This movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. 


However, it didn’t make it to public viewing smoothly. Two of the stars in this movie portrayed the clash of their opinions about the female physique. Just take a look at its trailer and you will understand.


This movie showcases two ideas about the goals of female bodybuilding. The ideas are aesthetics and size. Rachel McLish is still portrayed as feminine which is largely acceptable for many. While Bev Francis, a powerlifter became viewed as too masculine. 


These two sides of bodybuilding created a disparity for women. Why? because women who opted for the “Bev-Francis-Look” became bashed for having too much muscle.


20% rule they set


In 2004, IFBB Professional division ordered that female bodybuilders should decrease 20% of their muscularity for health reasons, as they claim. However, many knew that the reason they did so was not for that. The actual reason is that the organizers of the show find the female bodybuilders very masculine. The feminine aspect was very little. 


Almost all thought that females went overboard in their quest to join bodybuilding. Especially those who resorted to anabolic steroids for sale’ use where they build men-like features more.


Though not all find it gross, having men like features Some people find it hot and sexy, while some find those as the peak of the female body. People tend to have different views on this matter. 


These discussions lead to female bodybuilding’s unpopularity that Ms. Olympia 2015 got canceled.


However, though some people find it good, still, many people responded negatively.


But it doesn’t end there…


Fortunately, it was not the end of the story of female bodybuilding.


Although Miss Olympia turned behind the curtains, other competition took its place. Even though the reputation of female bodybuilding became unstable, it did not stop to continue.


Even though most people opposed bodybuilding in women, it was still able to continue. Although many tried to push through their views to us, our views would still dominate.


They just don’t realize that no matter what they do, bodybuilding in women will remain. Therefore, the question is the process.


  • How do women do it?
  • How can a woman get a hold of it?
  • What are the workout plans to follow?
  • How can women build and tone muscles?


Let us try to dig on…


How women build muscles?


After that long introduction, we will now talk about the process of your long wait. 


What diet and workout to do? What things need to be in mind?


Take this article as a short course into female bodybuilding, you can create your notes for it.


  1. Set your goals.
  2. Create a diet plan.
  3. Be mindful of the nutrients you take.
  4. Create a workout plan
  5. Use supplements/third agents or  legal steroids for sale.


Set your goals.


One of the secrets of success in life is setting goals realistically. Whatever happens in your life, your goals will guide you. 


As discussed earlier, bodybuilding in women is far different from men. So I advise you to change perspective when it comes to expectations. Why? The levels of Testosterone on females is very little compared to male, so building muscles would be different. Women try to take anabolic steroids for sale just like men do. But women don’t get the desired results like weight loss and building easily like men.


With these downsides, women tend to follow a strict diet plan or go on binge eating just to gain muscle mass. Yet, despite all the things women will do, the result is futile. 


But to do things effectively, set goals realistically instead to achieve desired results. And of course, understand how the female body works differently. 


  1. Production of testosterone is far less than men. Achieving the desired muscle growth becomes hard.
  2. Don’t limit fat intake. Don’t eat less or more. Eat right.


How would a woman know how to eat right? Of course, consult a dietician. Follow what the dietician will give you for a diet plan.


Create a diet plan.


How? The secret for a perfect diet plan for females who wanted to gain muscles is calories. But the question is, how many calories to take?


To know how much calories you are tracking the calories based on the labels of the food you take. You can take it down on notes or download an app that supports your purpose. If you do that, you will know the average calories you take in one day. There, you can start where to fix your diet. Start taking low calories then try adding a few hundred calories weekly. With that, your body won’t be surprised and carefully adapt to changes.


Be mindful of the nutrients you take.


Knowing about macronutrients becomes essential to bodybuilding. And mind you, macronutrients should be taken into consideration very carefully.


The macronutrients needed on these journeys are protein, carbs, and fats. General and unspoken rule diet is the 30-30-40 diet plan by which carbs are on 40%.


Create a workout plan.


Diet plan alone cannot give you your desired body goals. A workout plan is essential too. If diet and workout coincide, for sure, there are positive results to expect. To have a workout plan fit your body, consult a gym instructor or an expert about this matter.


Use supplements/third agents or anabolic steroids for sale.


Diet and workout alone cannot do the magic. If you want to speed up things, the recommendation is taking legal steroids for sale. Anabolic steroids for sale are safe if taken rightfully and of course with the help of medical experts. These legal steroids for sale are legal somehow and platforms are selling anabolic steroids for sale. To cut the chase and help you save some time to search, here it is. Click that link and it will lead you to the legal platform to buy legal  steroids for sale.




The journey of bodybuilding was tough and long. But as the times changed, the view on bodybuilding in women changed. Though some opposed, studies showed that engaging in bodybuilding helps the mental state of females who wanted to. 


So if you decide to start right away or now, you can start. Just follow the advice then don’t forget to incorporate legal steroids for sale on your plans. 

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