The Pros and Cons between Steroids and Natural Bodybuilding


Anabolic steroids for sale vs bodybuilding workouts

It is possibly the major argument among bodybuilders. Have you tried reaching your bodybuilding goals without steroids? Maybe it is useless to work hard for muscle mass without using steroids. Can regular bodybuilders get the perfect size of steroid users? Natural vs. steroids is a long and hot discussion.

In our team, Roidshop we will help you pick your choice. We will be at your back in deciding what’s best for you. You have to remember, whether you choose natural bodybuilding or the use of steroids: at the end of the day, you own your decision. Anyway, It is your body and you can choose the best one for yourself. You can do whatever you want; just make sure you know the reason for your decision.

It is a very common discussion between natural bodybuilders and steroid users regarding the difference in getting the perfect muscle size. But, it is easy to spot the difference. Do you think it’s not obvious? Let us try to discover how to identify the two issues.

We created a simple test we call it “Natty or Not”. There are five big-ass bodybuilders around the corner. Some of them are natty, some do. Why don’t you test your ability and determine the stuff?

When you look at images of bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest. Now, can you tell if who among them is using natural or steroids? Do you think you guessed them right? You can say that even staying for a natural you can still have excellent muscles. Some of these guys own bodybuilding genes making it possible for bulking without juicing up.

However, that is not an easy task. The reality is it is not possible for everyone. People who choose to do naturally for muscle mass do not come up to their goals. It cannot be compared to the one who uses steroids.

Does that mean that using anabolic steroids for sale will give instant muscle? Some may expect that they would get this muscle mass for one day and become a pro bodybuilder after a few months.

One must think that even if you use injectable steroids for sale, you still need to do your part. You have to do consistent workouts and self-discipline as successful athletes do. Bodybuilders must maintain a proper diet by consuming fresh vegetables and fruits. Steroids are just an extra push to reach one’s target. That makes it come with a price according to its value.

Natural vs. Steroids according to Science

It is important to understand the comparison between steroids and natural bodybuilding. Before going to the deeper part of the discussion, we better see the understanding of science regarding this thing.

If you have tried to look on Google you will surely find a bundle of studies talking about the side effects and risks of steroids. What others do not see is the comparison of these two. It is necessary to look at the virtue of both sides.

Fortunately, a group of ten researchers had come up to join forces and provide answers to our questions. They exert time and effort to give a comprehensive answer.

The study: There are 43 normal guys placed into four different groups. They are placed randomly. These groups were:

  1. Placebo (the natural way) with no workouts
  2. Testosterone steroids (injection process) with no workouts
  3. Placebo (the natural way) with workouts
  4. Testosterone steroid ( injection process) with workouts

The study was done for 10 whole weeks. The guys received either authentic steroid injections or fake (placebo) injections without active substance. The participants in the workout groups were working out three times a week. Beforehand, all the participants underwent a physical examination, and even after the study. In the examination, there was a test of their fat-free mass, muscle size, arm strength, and leg strength to get a reliable result after.

The results: When the scientists handed the results, they had to examine it twice. Doing the examination once is not enough since this is an innovative thing. They have summed up the most substantial findings below

Steroids vs. Natural Bodybuilding

Placebo (natural) with no workouts = no changes of course

The steroid with no workout = + 7 pounds muscle mass increase

Placebo ( natural) with workouts = + pounds muscle mass increase

The steroid with workouts = + 13 pounds muscle mass increase

The Result

The first group belongs to nature without workouts and does nothing. Hence, It is expected that sitting down will not help you build your muscle.

On the other hand, the next group who used steroid pills for sale  without exercise resulted in a 7 pounds muscle increase. There is no effort on that. The 7 pounds muscle is gained through injection alone. There is no exercise being done in that case. That is an instant benefit.

For the guys who stayed classy and did exercise three times a week benefited a muscle increase of 4 pounds. That is great. But the result is less compared to the guys who take steroids and did nothing.

Finally, the result of the last group is more exciting. The big boys who take steroids with workouts. Can you guess for the result? A colossal 13 pounds muscle increase! As believed, of all groups in the study, these guys who get testosterone injections with workouts gain the best muscle.

Conclusion of the research

Injectable steroids for sale do the job. It makes your muscles boost to the way you want. These legal steroids for sale are simply amazing that will not disappoint the users.

What are the benefits of steroids?

Deciding from the result of the research, the benefits of using legal steroids for sale are apprehensible: Whether you are working or not, if you use steroids you will experience muscle mass development. It is different when you only do the natural way.

Apart from just building up your muscle mass, the use of steroid pills for sale will boost a person’s overall physical achievement. Steroids will provide extra strength, quick muscle recovery after training, and reduced body fats. You will gain more vigor and power. This leads you also to do workouts harder and longer.

There is no wonder why steroids become famous among bodybuilders and other big boys to enhance their muscles through these products.

Does it make any sense? Any appeal? Are you ready to give up natural and heed to anabolic steroids for sale?

Hold on right there!

We haven’t enclosed the whole thing yet. Unfortunately, there is another side to the story. Let us discuss the dark side of steroids for sale.

Risks of steroids to one’s health

There is a reality behind every good thing in life. The same as with  legal steroids for sale. Many users love to take it but hate to experience the side effects later. Just like a drunkard, he never likes the hangover. This is true of steroid pills for sale. Bodybuilders do not want the side effects.

One must consider the long list filled with the risks in taking legal steroids for sale. You must know the hidden side effects to be aware of. However, you can learn all the side effects quickly and easily.

Sad to say if you were so excited about anabolic steroids for sale. This is the time to clean up the trash. After all, natural bodybuilding seems more appealing. That is the reason for the users to decide to take steroids.

Side Effects of Steroids 

  • Users may experience abdominal bloating. It occurs when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas. Most of them describe bloating as feeling full, tight, or swollen in the abdomen. Most of them feel it is hard and painful.
  • Steroid acne displays many of the similar symptoms as regular acne, recognizable pimples. 
  • Steroids would affect your metabolism and how your body deposits fat. This would increase your appetite to cause you to weight gain. Thus, you have to watch your calories and exercise regularly to prevent excessive weight gain.
  • Flushes frequently come with neck and black redness. If you suffer from excessive sweating caused by steroid, you should stop your medication and include natural supplements in your regular diet,
  • There is a possibility that steroids can cause cataracts or glaucoma. It is increased pressure in the eye. If you develop this, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.
  • Vertigo is often described by many as ‘dizziness”. It is a sensation that may include light-headedness, faintness, and imbalance.
  • Some anabolic steroids for sale do not get converted to estrogen. But the ones that are converted would cause breast growth in the same way that legit testosterone treatment can.
  • You may experience headaches while taking steroids. You can consult your doctor for a painkiller.
  • Steroids can cause severe heart problems. So, you watch out for this.
  • You will experience insomnia in your way because of steroids. You only need to shift some things about where and when you sleep.
  • Liver problems might be experienced that is usually mild but would usually go back to normal when medication is over.
  • When you take steroids, you should have a regular check of your blood and urine to avoid developing diabetes. There is a possibility of lowering your sugar. Anyway, your sugar levels usually go back to normal after taking steroid pills for sale.
  • Users might feel anxiety and more emotional than usual. There are 6 out of 100 individuals experience serious mental health problems in taking injectable steroids for sale. This includes depression in their experience. 
  • You might have more body hair than usual or you will experience hair loss. It may not be noticed by some people but it will upset you.

After you found out the different side effects, do you still take steroid pills for sale as an awesome thing? Or are you deciding now to take natural bodybuilding instead of legal steroids for sale? Let us not argue with the facts. You might not like the list of side effects but they are verified by science. They are not lies.

However, do bear in mind that these are the PROBABLE side effects. On the other hand, if you take steroid pills for sale you may experience the side effects but, it does not mean you will experience them thoroughly. Some studies like this one suggest that the medical concerns associated with anabolic steroid use are overstated. Firstly, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth risking these side effects for your body goal. If it is, then go for it for satisfaction.

Anyway, we are not there yet to conclude.

There is one more risk of steroids that is not discussed yet: steroid used in sports for athletics. We are not just talking individuals who hit the gym three times a week. We mean here professional competitive sports. Whether you are a boxer or a bodybuilder; steroid use is banned from most professional sports.

An individual who competes in the big leagues, they must know the regular drug test if they have not been taking anything that helps them enhance their performance. If you test positive on knocking out these products, you will be ousted from the game. You have to imagine all your efforts and hard work to reach your goal. Would you put your goals in danger?

Advice to individuals for starting out

It is not easy to decide. Do you want to choose for huge gains- no matter what it takes- or you will be satisfied with less output to prevent the danger?

Our word? Sincerely, the decision is absolutely up to you. There is no right or the wrong thing. There could be no judgment. If you choose to stay healthy that’s good, if you choose to go on steroids that’s perfectly fine too. What matters here is we could give you some advice.

If you are a professional athlete – or wish to be one – you better stay natural

Indeed, there are well known out there have used injectable steroids for sale and able to reach the top. However, some individuals had not taken the chance of reaching the top because they were banned from their sport. That would be a sad breakthrough to their part. That makes a professional athlete learns to stay natural.

Do the natural first, maybe steroids later

In all of the things that you do, you have to try how far can you get on your own. No legal steroids for sale, just the natural one. Are you doing your workouts regularly? Are your efforts enough? Do you have enough sleep? Is your diet well- balanced and does it match your workout daily routine? The most ignored by many is, you underestimate the effect of your food intake.

Before you decide to go for steroids, you make sure you have done everything. Do you maximize your innate power? If you have tried everything then nothing has happened, it would be the right time to consider steroids.

Do not follow what others do

You have to learn how to decide things for yourself. Do not decide things because some big guys in the gym have told you to purchase injectable steroids for sale and use it. Be mature enough. Injectable steroids for sale are attempting. However, if you decide to follow what they do, it is up to you. Just make sure that your decision comes from within. You shouldn’t use steroid pills for sale for the sake of your friends.

Make sure you have understood the whole article

Getting exactly to your right destination matters most. Do not decide because they need you to, but do it because you understand what do you want to happen in your life. You must know your purpose in making yourself to be in. Do not forget the risks of these supplements that you will experience in the future.

The most important thing is you have to go and consult a doctor before taking anything. You have to ask if these injectable steroids for sale would not harm your health. Seeking medical advice is the most appropriate action to do. Additionally, the doctor must examine your body profile to avoid a higher risk of developing side effects.

Quick risky steroids gains vs natural improvement

From the start of this article, we saw some samples of the best bodybuilders. Some of them are natural, some are users of anabolic steroids for sale. Each one of them is massive and you can barely tell the difference between the two.

On the other hand, there is a possibility to become excellently ripped without taking steroids. You only need to work harder to reach your goal. You have to put extra effort and consistency. Just remember, that even the use of legal steroids for sale needs a regular workout otherwise, you will never like the result. In short, you have to exert any effort for everything that you do; that is called hard work!

The main difference between natural and steroids is you can achieve your goals faster through legal steroids for sale. In that case, there is a slow result for the natural. It’s just that steroids bear with side effects and nature takes a long range of time before reaching to the top. The choice depends on you.

Do these supplements characterize steroids effects?

Most of us have to choose the lesser evil of the two options

  1. Steroids = possess the capacity to attain your full potential but brings risks to your health
  2. Natural= does not harm your health but you will not reach the same potential

Fortunately, there is a third option in obtaining the perfect balance between the two:

  • Natural bodybuilding supplements = can attain your full potential but not risking your health

There are legit alternatives to steroids that can imitate the effects of steroids without giving you all the awful side effects. With natural bodybuilding supplements, you will attain the best result of the two.


What do you think the conclusion will be? Which one wins, steroids, or natural?

Well, there is no exact answer. Horrible bodybuilding is risk-free. It is even good for your health but steroid pills for sale will give you more muscle increase. It is even faster than natural.

We are eager to hear your choice. So, we decided to let you think about your option. Do you support natural bodybuilding or are you thinking that a bodybuilder can simply attain his goals with the help of steroids?

You have learned already all the beauty and awful stuff about steroids. We are looking at the grand benefits you can get from steroids but including the negative side of it. It is the perfect time to weigh down things. What will you prefer? Natural or steroids?

You must sort out things. You have to consider the information you have read. If you are struggling for a better choice then, you should scan for more details.

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